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"House of Content has more arrows in the quiver, so we get to solutions faster." 

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself.

I joined SharkNinja in 2018. First as a consultant, and then I went full time.

Having spent my entire career in advertising, being told to 'just go sell this thing', I was very excited to inherit such a thoughtful team of inventors that create machines that actually make people's lives better.

I immediately saw the opportunity to bring our amazing products from the infomercial world into the new content world by refreshing our social media communication.


What's your main focus on a day-to-day?

Now that we're in a digital world, creative and digital strategy are almost inseparable.

My role is to bring the organization to a point where we can tell the right story for each product and create a strategy that allows us to sell products because people love it and they trust the brand, and not necessarily dependent upon sales and discounts.


What challenges/problems made you want to work with House of Content, versus working with other partners?

For an organization that is accustomed to failing fast, there was a lot of appetite to bring in new partners that, "do it best, and do it fast!". 

But the challenge was that the organization hadn't considered that there were alternative ways to make things. So when they were looking for new partners, they were still looking within a group of traditional agencies and just trying to find the best agency within these partners.

Coming from that world I know that the old model is broken. Part of my strategy was to, instead of moving all of the business to a new partner in one big turn of the knob, we found ways to get House of Content on small projects, gain trust, and then quickly ramp. I could do that, because the risk was so low and I was getting content so effective and so inexpensive, even if they thought it was disposable, it still served a purpose.


I knew my strategy worked when I was texting the Chief Commercialization Officer, Neil, the link to the video we did together, and he texted me back with emojis, it was a really rewarding moment.


Being in budget time of year right now, to be able to say like, "I'll take half that much, and I'll make five times as many things, and they'll work 10 times as hard." I kind of get to skip some approval levels. It's nice how quickly we've been able to build confidence around this, having such skepticism when we first started talking about a partner like you.


Actually, that was my next question. Did working with House of Content save any money or increase any productivity?

Yes, to both. It's true that we made a ton of things. And yes, we made them less expensive than we ever have. But truly, we were able to move so fast because our teams got to consensus and alignment so quickly. I think that's probably the most important part of the partnership.

House of content has more arrows in the quiver, so we get to solutions faster. 


That's so amazing to hear! We obviously believe in our model, but hearing it from you makes it so real.

If you had to think of one thing 2020 has taught you, what would it be?

I'm feeling more and more this need for connection. When everything first began, there was this absolute deprivation of connection that people had. And then we found ways to compliment, augment, virtual, and make a new norm. But when I look at the success that we've had, it's undeniable that the needs that consumers have right now being in their house all the time, are being fulfilled by our products. Whether you're calmer because your house is clean, or you feel healthy or proud because you made something in your kitchen. 

There's a need to put so much more real emotion into the product and the way we talk about it, because it helped you so much.


How do you think this will affect our future work together?

When it comes to what we can do together for content, you can help us achieve such stimulating manifestations of the mundane. House of Content found a way to make just a person's foot stepping on carpet piles, art. It's not flashy, and it's not inaccessible. It's just an act. But we've stopped, and we found the beauty in the act. 


People really love their air fryers, or their cleaning robot, or their Nutri Ninja blender (I know you're one of them and I love it)  and because that love is there, we need to celebrate 

it and share this message in new and exciting ways. Which is exactly the art you and the team bring.

Sasha Hartman.png


"House of Content has more arrows in the quiver, so we get to solutions faster."

See what Sasha had to say about our work together

The ask


Shark, a leading manufacturer of home cleaning solutions, was launching a new collection of vacuums consisting of seven upright vacuums, two hand vacuums, and two robots. To support this launch and generate buzz around the new products, our team was tasked with creating a series of high-end CGI ads and "How To" videos showcasing the features and benefits of the new vacuum collection.

The project had a tight deadline of three months, requiring us to work efficiently and effectively to deliver top-quality content on time.


To bring our CGI animations to life, we created detailed storyboards and shared with the client the rendered pictures of the CGI environments with the vacuums, once approved, we began the motion and editing process.

To manage the complexity of such large project, we established a communication plan with the client and used specialized software to streamline our workflow. We regularly updated the client on our progress and delivered all assets on time and to their satisfaction.


- Time from concept to deliverables: 3 months

- Total amount of video: 137

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- Time from concept to deliverables: 3 months

- Total amount of video: 137

The work


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